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The Dangers of Black Friday

Black Friday Shoppers May Be Contributing to More Accidents

In the era of digital commerce, Black Friday has become more of an event. It is now an evolved experience, where consumers almost crave the crowds and speed that the informal holiday is now associated with. Even despite having access to flash deals online and in the comfort of our homes, we consumers still insist on venturing out to super-centers to shop among ravenous mobs.

Our innate craving to get lost among the throngs of deal seekers has hence inspired some dangerous habits. In the rush to take advantage of holiday sales, drivers now prefer to multitask their shopping while in commute. Adobe Analytics reported that on Thanksgiving, online sales increased to a total of $3.5 million for the day. In tandem, experts report that one-third of Americans who make mobile device purchases do so while operating a motor vehicle, according to Root Insurance.

Every second of distracted driving ultimately increases the risk of being involved in or causing an accident. This is especially true during the holiday season, in which more cars are on the road and and weather conditions tend to make circumstances more dangerous.

To curb the urge to shop while driving, we suggest the implementation of your smart phone's "Do Not Disturb" feature while driving, or simply downloading a mobile application that blocks incoming notifications while driving. If you're looking to save, additional third party applications may background monitor deals on the web for you- regardless of whether you're actively using the app or not.

Ultimately, the precautions you take on the road are what keep your and your family safe during the holiday season.


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